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Partnership Training for You and Your Dog
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3 Secret Formulas for a Happy Relationship with Your Dog Workshop
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This Training Workshop will teach you about my 3 secret Formulas you MUST have for a Happy Life instead of a Rocky Relationship with your Dog.
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Meet Your Partnership Guide

Kathy Kawalec

Founder: Dancing Hearts Dog Academy, CognitiveDogTraining.com

Creator: The Foundation Formula, Brilliant Partners Academy, Herding Partners Academy. Host of the Enlightened by Dogs podcast.

"35+ years of living and working with dogs and their people has taught me sooooo much! Dogs are brilliant and often misunderstood ... and what they most need is a better partnership with us!

My holistic, heart-connected partnership training programs have helped transform the lives of  hundreds of people and their dogs ... AND I am so eager to share this with you!"
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