From Misbehaving a Brilliant Partner that Loves to Listen!
Are You Ready to Be the Partner
Your Dog Needs?
Discover How Partnership Can Turn Your Dog Into An Attentive and Responsive Partner... (Even if your dog is reactive, distracted, over-threshold, anxious ... and even if you've tried everything!)
"What do I say about a program that changed despair to joy? How do I put into words a gift so profound that everyday, without fail, I thank my lucky stars?"      ~Dee Wilusz
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"True understanding and real dialog get the relationship you dream about...
and your dog will LOVE you for it!"
~Kathy Kawalec
Build Your Foundation
Learning the 5-Step Foundation Formula is the first step for a deeper bond and a trusting relationship with your dog.
Grow Your Relationship
Having a loving, respectful relationship and an attentive, responsive partnership is easy with our D.A.N.C.E. framework.
Become Brilliant Partners
Master partnership skills so you and your dog can enjoy happiness and the freedom to live the life of your dreams.
To: Devoted Dog Enthusiasts
From: Kathy Kawalec
Re: Changing Your Life

"I wish I would have known this sooner... "

Have you ever thought to yourself, while your heart ached for your dog: 

"I wish I would have known this sooner... "

I have, more than once.

If you’re struggling with a reactive dog that completely loses it and you want your dog to be calm around dogs and other triggers, I can help. 

Or, if your dog gets over-excited, goes over-threshold or gets distracted or anxious and just won’t (or can’t) listen and you want to help your dog behave and listen to you, you will see how the Brilliant Partners Academy can help get you there easier and faster. 

Hi, I’m Kathy Kawalec, founder of Dancing Hearts Dog Academy and during our time together today, I’m going to outline how you can get your dog to stay calm and to Love to listen, no matter the distractions … even if you’ve been trying for years with little or no improvement.

But more importantly, I am going to show you how to get there with a lot more ease. And it’s all because of the 5 Step Foundation Formula I’ve developed behind the Brilliant Partners Academy.

In order to get your dog to calmly behave and to listen, we’ve got to understand where you’re coming from. 

So what is it about your dog’s behavior that has you wanting more? 

And most importantly, why haven’t you made the progress you know you and your dog are capable of? 


We cannot truly help our dogs unless we understand the ‘whole’ picture of who they are and what they experience.

Here’s another fact… 

Old habits stop more people and their dogs from getting what they want than anything else. 

They can keep you stuck… and it happens on a subconscious level, so we’re not even aware.

It’s so hard dealing with a dog that is reactive, distracted, unruly or anxious and doesn’t (or can't) listen well. 

But worse, are the negative thoughts and doubts that begin creeping in. And if you’ve ever thought to yourself...

“I’m so frustrated and embarrassed. I feel like a failure. This is not the life I was dreaming of, we are missing out on so much”

… it’s ok. That’s totally normal for anyone in your situation.

That’s just not ok with me.

These stories make me crazy because I know it doesn’t have to be this way...and that’s exactly why I poured my heart and soul into creating my programs.


When you brought your new dog home, you imagined how life will be.

You imagined: long walks in nature social events…play…vacations…dog camps…

Or maybe you imagined: training, competing ... standing in the winners circle with your best dog.

Perhaps you dreamed of all the lives you could change when you became a dog training or behavior professional.

Yes, these are the things we all dream about: Incredible partnership with a dog we adore.

Then real life happens.

Believe me, I’ve been there myself … sometimes being so frustrated and angry I could scream … and other times feeling so alone and sobbing from the deep pain of failing my dog and the loss of my big dreams.

And it's not just me.

I regularly hear from passionate dog people about how frustrated, embarrassed and helpless they feel when their dogs are reactive, fearful, distracted and not listening.

They feel stuck and wish someone really understood what they are going through, and could see the brilliance in their dogs the same way that they do.

Their relationship with their dog is shaky. They pour time, energy and money into training classes, seminars, clinics, consultations and the results they hoped for just don’t happen.

They end up feeling drained, lost, like a failure. 

And the worst part? 

Their sense of clarity and confidence about their abilities to do right by their dog is broken.

You and your dog began to struggle. You reached out for help and tried working with several trainers and multiple methods, getting more worried or frustrated by the week.

Your struggles just never seem to get resolved. You have reached out again and again for help, but it just doesn’t stick. Or just doesn’t feel right. Or simply just doesn’t work for you and your dog.

You’re left with a dog who pulls, lunges and barks when you try to go for a walk. 

Or a dog who won’t come if there is something more interesting and you don’t have a cookie in your hand.

"I've been there too..."

Or: You walk away from your runs, head down, fighting back the tears, because you KNOW your dog is better than that.

YOU’RE better than that. 

Your friends come and give you a hug. 

You try not to let your dog feel your disappointment, but it’s so frustrating.

I have been there, my friend. Many times. I feel your pain. 

With all that being said, change is totally possible. 

I have so many examples of dog enthusiasts who, despite dealing with similar circumstances (or even worse), have found a way to have an attentive and responsive dog and an even more loving, trusting relationship with their dog.

What’s the difference between them and others? 

First, the RIGHT kind of help, from someone who has a proven system and a track record of success.

Second: Personal responsibility. At the end of the day, YOUR decisions and commitment determine your results.


Every year, there are people just like you who are finally able to enjoy doing things with their dogs that they couldn’t before because of their dog’s behavior. 

In fact, with the right kind of information, tools, and resources, it’s never been easier. 

I didn’t say it was easy (remember, old habits never are easy to change). But with what we have available to us, right now is the absolute best TIME for you to make a change. 

Especially if you’re committed to having a calm, happy, respectful dog and a trusting relationship with a deeper bond between the two of you. 

Just think about having the freedom to enjoy life and do the fun things you love with your dog. 

How will that feel having the know-how to truly understand your dog’s needs and to communicate effectively? 

And think about being connected to others who are on the same journey as you… who truly understand what you are going through with your dog ... and all committed to being the kind of teachers and partners THEIR dog needs. 

This is the opportunity that we have today as savvy dog enthusiasts who are truly committed to their dogs and it’s the reason that I am so passionate about this work. 

This is the reason why I created the Brilliant Partners Academy. 

What I’ve discovered from my experiences of 35+ years of working with and learning from animals, is that there are certain skills, and certain tools that I've incorporated into my system that work to get us back on the right track every single time. 

Not just for me and my dogs, but my students and their dogs have also reached the level of success they have dreamed of... and more.

So if you’re a serious dog enthusiast, but you aren’t getting your dog to behave no matter what you try...

…or you’re a devoted professional dog trainer that wants to do more to help your students' and client's dogs...

 … or you simply want to get started with having the kind of deep, trusting relationship you dream of with your dog...

…the Brilliant Partners Academy can help.
Discover the Missing Pieces That You and Your Dog Must Have to Be Brilliant Partners ... So That You Can Finally Be Happy and Enjoy Life Together!

Join us for the ONLY holistic, positive, heart-connected partnership training program you'll find anywhere:

A Transformation Story

Meet Cindy...

"All my hopes and dreams we're going down the drain..."

That's what Cindy felt about her dog Lyric.

"Initially, it was like a dream come true..."

She loved her immediately as soon as Lyric arrived at the airport from Nebraska.

...Cutest little sable GSD ever as she puts it.

But, Lyric turned out to be very reactive to people...AND dogs!

Being highly driven, Lyric is easily stimulated with what's going on in her environment.

And what started as a dream quickly turned into a nightmare.

...Reactive dog classes.

...Obedience classes.

...Private 3 day training camp...

...Veterinary behaviorist.

You name it, Cindy tried it, putting her heart full into it. 

And yet...Nothing seemed to work.

If anything, it only made the situation worse. 

...Devastated, she came to the conclusion that Lyric would never be able to go out of the house behaved…

… Enjoying having visitors to their home, Cindy gave up on the idea, for fear that Lyric would ‘act up’, maybe even bite someone. 


Now fast forward to today and their partnership has blossomed into a fruitful one ... hiking, training classes, traveling, enjoying house guests ...

And, allowing them to participate in agility trials - something she thought she'd never be able to do.

And not only did they get to compete...

They came home with five 1st place finishes at their first trial together!

So how did all this happen?

Two words...

Trusting Partnership.

By starting over from the foundation up, the rest of their journey became much easier.

For Cindy, it was all about working on CLARITY and making things very clear to Lyric...what was acceptable behavior and what isn't...

She instilled loving leadership without being the dominant alpha but rather with calm confidence, trust, and role modeling. 

Cindy says: "I learned how powerful choice is. I aligned myself with like minded people who supported us. Our partnership has blossomed, we truly are a team now.  

That is only part of what I have gained from these programs... I have gained some wonderful, compassionate, supportive understanding friends through the Foundation Formula and Kathy's programs ... 

I can't live without them now!  We are like a family, supporting each other, crying with each other and celebrating with each other. "

The Most Powerful, Positive and Proven, Step-by-Step Framework to a Brilliant Partnership with YOUR Dog.
I have, what I believe is perhaps the greatest gift I can give to a devoted dog owner like you.

It's a key to my 'partnership training vault'…a literal treasure trove designed to get you TRANSFORMATIONAL Results … and a deep, trusting partnership with your dog so you can finally resolve your training struggles and live the life you've dreamed of with your dog.

I've spent many years, countless hours and LOTS of hard work (and trial and error learning - thanks to my dogs!!) to pull this program together for you. 

Now…you can get access to the ultimate partnership training, expert coaching and supportive community … 

Everything you need is assembled in one place...

Here are just a few of the Masterclasses and Courses that will transform your life, forever...
Join us for the ONLY Holistic, Positive, Heart-Connected Partnership Training Program You'll Find Anywhere:
No Contracts - Cancel Anytime!
If you're like the rest of us who love this program:
You want a deep, trusting partnership with your dog so you can finally resolve your training struggles.
 (OR avoid them completely!) Your dog is smart, and that means trouble sometimes! You'd like to learn how to really communicate with your dog and develop a trusting partnership that can help you resolve training struggles (like unruly/distracted/reactive behavior) AND help you deeply connect so you can enjoy the life you've dreamed of with your dog ... and have success in everything you do together: work, play, life, sports.

• Or Your dog has fears, anxiety, reactive or frenzied behavior ... and you so wish you could help. You know that interferes with quality of life, keeps you from doing what you really love... and you feel stuck and overwhelmed. Sometimes you feel like you have failed your dog. You haven't found the advice or guidance that works for you and your dog. It's so confusing sometimes.

• Or You want to train, show, trial in your favorite dog sport ... and have a chance to make it to the winners' circle. You've worked hard, trained hard, and yet, you just can't seem to get the results that will take you to the next level. You know that having the best possible foundation is what will lead to the success you dream thought you had that...but it's just not working out the way you want.

You want to join the partnership movement and be on the leading edge of ENLIGHTENED dog enthusiasts who want to Master Partnership principles and help me spread ripples around the world, having an even greater impact with your ambassador certification.

The Framework:

There are 5 Core Elements that Unleash the Power of Partnership ... the 5 C's of the Foundation Formula.

1. Start with an intention to deeply and intuitively Communicate with your dog. To dialog ... to truly listen with all of your senses, all of your being, to what your dog is telling you.

2. Strive for Clarity as you interact with your dog. Get really clear about what you want, and about how your dog needs you to teach this skill. Get profound clarity with the 3 Clarity Questions.

3. Be a loving leader in the dance of your life together. “The Dance” and the 3P's enable you and your dog to become Competent at being attentive and responsive to one another...

4. Foster a deeper, heart-to-heart holistic Connection with your dog. This means that you and your dog strive to become balanced mentally, emotionally and physically...and that makes ALL the difference.

5. Develop a foundation of true Collaboration with your dog that becomes your cornerstone for easily transforming any struggle that crops up into brilliant possibility for success.

The 5C’s Foundation Formula
Teaches YOU to:

• Be a master communicator...both sending and receiving crucial bits of information quickly and easily. That translates into smooth, flowing dialog between you and your dog for the best training sessions and the best runs. Ever.

Master your own mental focus and that you stay focused, stay positive, stay on track to meet your personal goals and milestones...and help you and your dog to reach your True Potential.

A system for assessing your dogs skills, attitude, mental and physical conditioning as you train. This helps you to you know: when to ask for more, when to back off and when to move on to the next phase of training. I call this the ‘Success Maximizers’ … and you will too!

Master balance with holistic tools. Your dogs physical, mental and emotional balance are key to your training and performance success.. Your own physical, mental and emotional balance not only helps you to be your best … and your balance (or imbalance) strongly influences your dog.

Core positive and holistic dog training principles that apply to every dog sport, every kind of dog, every type of situation. These core principles are the foundation for all effective dog training, and they take you way beyond 'positive training' and into the deeper, more effective and satisfying 'partnership' as the driving force for all dog training and competition.

Master these skills whether you have pet dogs, sport or working dogs… and even if (especially if) you train dogs professionally. This is NOT the typical education that you’ll get from your training class or professional trainer program.
What is this D.A.N.C.E., you ask?
The D.A.N.C.E. Method
Is Another One of Our Frameworks for Transformational Results...

It’s a special way of connecting with dogs … a way of communicating and forming a partnership that decreases the overall need for training … while accelerating the training process.

The secrets of our connection with dogs, horses and other animals are not new...this wisdom has been passed down by the ancients who understood the profound connection between all living things.

What is new, is my SYSTEM that teaches dog enthusiasts exactly HOW to have that connection, to communicate in a way that allows dogs to feel understood and that allows people to easily communicate in a language both dog and human truly and naturally understand.

Today, science proves that we, our dogs, animals, plants and the earth are simply different combinations of the same elements...that we all share a DNA-deep connection.

Through Cognition ... (the process of acquiring knowledge and understanding) … we can learn just HOW to tap into the power of that DNA-deep connection that we share with our dogs.

A cognitive dog trainer is willing to focus on this connection and then apply what they have learned to create the pure joy that is partnership between a dog and handler.

Dogs are ready, willing and able to be our devoted and collaborative partners. The joy they get when true partnership is experienced, I believe, is equal to ours.

When you learn and use the 5 principles contained in the DANCE of partnership...

...anything to which you dedicate yourself becomes possible...

...any dream you have will begin to unfold, and any training or handling problem can be easily solved.

The D.A.N.C.E. Method:
Dance of connection and consensual partnership...mindful, joyful and delightful!

Art of responsible, heart-centered leadership you and your dog will love.

Notice: Attentive Responsiveness between you and your dog.

Competence at partnership and all the skills you are training for.

Equanimity. Calm, centered grace leads to a Joyful Dance between you and your dog.

The Brilliant Partners Academy
is Expertly Designed to Guide You to Level UP through the Partnership Stages ... from Starting Partners all the way to Master Partners.

The Foundation Formula Online Training Course

The Foundation Formula Is Your Core Program...with 6 Modules Full of Amazing Content
I'll guide you step-by-step through the Lessons in the Foundation Formula, as we uncover the 5C's that will build your solid foundation and lead to brilliant partnership with your dogs...and get you the best start possible for herding, agility, obedience...anything and everything! 

Each module has comprehensive video lessons that you can watch as many times as you need...and each module has it's own set of downloadable pdf's for your homework and fun exercises including Partnership Practice and Success Maximizers. 

By itself, the Foundation Formula is rich with detailed education...
and there is also the supporting role of the 3 Additional Foundation Pillars.

These 3 Pillars are designed to give strength to an already incredible program! 
Your 3 Foundation Mastery Pillars:


There is NO other group that offers this level of positive partnership support. You are not alone!! 

Connect, share and engage with your fellow dog enthusiasts as much as you like within our private Facebook group. This is a fully supportive group that offers only love and empathy. I’m active here too, so if you need a little help, or a little nudge, just ask! 

This community is one of the best parts of this program. So much support, sharing, celebrating...real friends are made and genuine, heartfelt support is freely offered. You are not alone!! 


Rehab Your Reactive, Distracted, Fearful Dog Online Video Course
Dogs that are difficult to control around other dogs, or things that move...or get distracted, loose focus...or are worried and fearful...need some extra help learning how to cope and to reach their full potential.

If your dog lunges, barks and is reactive, distracted, unruly, fearful and/or difficult to manage around other dogs, busy environments, and things that move like animals, bikes, cars and skateboarders ... these workshops will guide you through the process of rehab... deepening the lessons from the Foundation Formula.

Pillar #3. Brilliant Partners MasterClass Library

This is really special! You have access to our best masterclass workshops/coaching calls to propel you even faster into the winners circle!

These lessons and discussions go deep ... and pull in not only my own 35 years of experience, but tap into our members experiences and transformations. Very powerful stuff!

PLUS: Your Inner Circle Partnership Mastery Bonus...
The Inner Circle is designed especially for those passionate and truly committed to reaching their true potential and making their dreams come true! That's YOU, right?

Monthly Q+A Coaching ... All Live, with Kathy!

This is NOT your ordinary online training class ... It's a Real Coaching Program...and that means that you will get a ticket to a MONTHLY online training Masterclass and LIVE Coaching calls so I can answer YOUR questions ... 
And: Help you solve any roadblocks that have come up for you and your dog.

Our Monthly Masterclasses dive deeply into our frameworks: The 5C's and The D.A.N.C.E. so that you and your dog can reach your true potential, and become ever more brilliant together...month after month and year after year.

We'll be covering topics like:
• Develop Your Brilliant Partners Intuitive Communication Skills
• Bark Busting: How to remedy over-the-top barking the Brilliant Partners Way.
• Brilliant Partners Recalls - Key steps to get there and tips for trouble shooting.
• Personality Types for Brilliant Partners - Enhance understanding and harmony by understanding you and your dog's natural personality types.
• How to protect and build your dog's confidence … and yours too!
• Raising and training your new puppy - the Brilliant Partners way.

That's just the start - there is a long list of Hot Topics that will accelerate your partnership success!

Don't worry, if you can't make any of the masterclasses, they'll be recorded and put in your members HUB...

WINNERS CIRCLE Quarterly Clarity Clinics

Every quarter, we'll gather for a LIVE Online virtual training clinic. You won't believe the results you will achieve from this level of coaching, planning, staying on track toward your dreams!

Partnership skills, mindset and confidence expansion ... planning for success, coaching, and review of your submitted videos will ensure that you and your dog are on the fast track to success. 

Winners Circle here you come!!  And, to be sure: winners circle is defined as YOUR DREAM ... whether it's living life to its fullest, dog sports training or competing ... or reading to kids at the library. If you can dream it, it is possible ... and we will support you every step of the way.

Amazing opportunity to spend the weekend "D.A.N.C.E.-ing" !

Gather with BeePees, for our In-Person Weekend Intensive

Brilliant Partners Academy Members Exclusive!
Working spots are first offered ONLY to Academy members … and at a deeply discounted rate!! (because...members have VIP benefits!)

How perfect!

Join us for an awe-inspiring transformational experience that you and your dog will love ... spend the weekend with like-minded passionate dog enthusiasts ... plus work with me personally!

Date is October 11-13, 2019 ... in the Chicagoland area.

It will be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!  Start will be an unforgettable adventure and so worth the travel!

I couldn't be more excited about this!! Woo hoo!!

Join us for the ONLY Holistic, Positive, Heart-Connected Partnership Training Program You'll Find Anywhere:
CANCEL ANYTIME! Just call, message or email Kathy to cancel your membership anytime - no minimum monthly commitment required.
Join us for the ONLY Holistic, Positive, Heart-Connected Partnership Training Program You'll Find Anywhere:




12 Monthly Payments of $199 each

(If purchased separately: Total Value $9,455.00)

  • Complete Foundation Formula Online Course, Lifetime Access.
  • Rehab Your Reactive, Distracted, Fearful Dog Online Video Course.
  • Masterclass - Monthly Live Trainings and Coaching Calls with Kathy for 12 Months.
  • Brilliant Partners Community - Connect, share, support, celebrate in our private group for 12 months.
  • Brilliant Partners "SHINE ON" Weekend Intensive - Live, In-person, and Amazing! Inner Circle Members = Ticket @ FREE!
  • Winners Circle - Quarterly Clarity Clinics. Live Online 1/2 Day Training Clinics with Kathy. 4 Per Year. 
  • Clarity Coaching Consults - Private 1:1 laser coaching with Kathy at each of the 2 'Office Hour' days. 
  • Brilliant Partners Masterclass Archives - 12 of the best Partnership Mastery classes added to your membership dashboard.
  • 6 VIP Only True Potential Intensive Consultations.​90 minute Private Coaching (Skype or In-person)
  • 4 VIP Only Clarity Coaching Days - Laser Phone Coaching Sessions with Kathy.
  • 1 VIP Only Weekend Training Retreat -Live, In-person with Kathy and your fellow VIP members.


My Recommendation for You!


12 Monthly Payments of $59 each

(If purchased separately: Total Value $6,055.00)

  • Complete Foundation Formula Online Course, Lifetime Access.
  • Rehab Your Reactive, Distracted, Fearful Dog Online Video Course.
  • Masterclass - Monthly Live Trainings and Coaching Calls with Kathy for 12 Months.
  • Brilliant Partners Community - Connect, share, support, celebrate in our private group for 12 months.
  • Brilliant Partners "SHINE ON" Weekend Intensive - Live, In-person, and Amazing! Inner Circle Members = Ticket @ 50% DISCOUNT
  • Winners Circle - Quarterly Clarity Clinics. Live Online 1/2 Day Training Clinics with Kathy. 4 Per Year. 
  • Clarity Coaching Consults - Private 1:1 laser coaching with Kathy at each of the 2 'Office Hour' days. 
  • Brilliant Partners Masterclass Archives - 12 of the best Partnership Mastery classes added to your membership dashboard.


12 Month Membership


12 Monthly Payments of $49 each

(If purchased separately: Total Value $2,691.00)

  • Complete Foundation Formula Online Course, Lifetime Access.
  • Rehab Your Reactive, Distracted, Fearful Dog Online Video Course.
  • Masterclass - Monthly Live Trainings and Coaching Calls with Kathy for 12 Months.
  • Brilliant Partners Community - Connect, share, support, celebrate in our private group for 12 months.
  • Brilliant Partners "SHINE ON" Weekend Intensive - Live, In-person, and Amazing! Inner Circle Members = Ticket @ 25% DISCOUNT


Your Complete Partnership Foundation and Beyond...

Your Membership in the Academy includes...
  • Complete Foundation Formula Online Course, Lifetime Access. ($397.00)
  • Rehab Your Reactive, Distracted, Fearful Dog Online Video Course. ($197.00)
  • Brilliant Partners Community - Connect, share, support, celebrate in our private group for 12 months. ($297.00 Value)
  • Eligible for Private Lessons/Consults - BPA members only are eligible to purchase and book privates with Kathy. In-person lessons/coaching, or remote coaching lessons via Skype. (Can I say 'Priceless' !?!)
  • Brilliant Partners "SHINE ON" Weekend Intensive - Live, In-person, and Amazing! Inner Circle Members = Ticket @ 50% DISCOUNT (Save $299.00)
($1,190.00 Regular Pricing for Your Foundation Program)
PLUS…this Limited Time Special Offer:
When you join the BP Academy today, you are automatically upgraded to a
Free One Year Membership in the BPA INNER CIRCLE!
($2,268.00 Regular Pricing for Free Your Inner Circle Program Upgrade)
The Inner Circle offers LIVE training and coaching with Kathy including:
  • Monthly Masterclass - Monthly Live Trainings and Coaching Calls with Kathy for 12 Months. ($564.00)
  • Quarterly Clarity Clinics. Live Online 1/2 Day Training Clinics with Kathy. 4 Per Year. ($990.00)
  • Clarity Coaching Consults - Private 1:1 laser coaching with Kathy at each of the 2 'Office Hour' days. ($150.00)
  • Brilliant Partners Masterclass Archives - 12 of the best Partnership Mastery classes added to your membership dashboard. ($564.00)

12 Monthly Payments of $49 each
or One Payment of $497 (Get 2 months free) 


(Total Value $3,458.00) 


Meet Your Partnership Guide

Kathy Kawalec

Founder: Dancing Hearts Dog Academy,,

Creator: The Foundation Formula, Brilliant Partners Academy, Herding Partners Academy, Creative Alchemy Passion Plan.

Podcaster: Enlightened By Dogs

"I help dog moms build a trusting, happy and deeply connected relationship with their dogs through my holistic heart-to-heart partnership lifestyle framework... that their their misbehaving dog becomes a brilliant partner that loves to listen ... 

... even if their dog is reactive, distracted, over-threshold, anxious ... and even if they've tried everything!

I'm here to show you what is possible for you and your dogs. I know that if you follow the partnership frameworks I'll guide you to implement, your success is inevitable."

"35+ years of living and working with dogs and their people has taught me sooooo much! Dogs are brilliant and often misunderstood ... and what they most need is a better partnership with us!

My holistic, heart-connected partnership training programs have helped transform the lives of thousands of people and their dogs ... AND I am so eager to share this with you!"
Level Up Your Partnership!
Your Core Partnership Program:
The Foundation Formula
Join us for the ONLY Holistic, Positive, Heart-Connected Partnership Training Program You'll Find Anywhere:

Save $200 on Premium Tuition - Limited Spots Available
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Enrollment Opens Soon! 
Stories of Transformation ...
Sara and Rye
"As soon as I started trying to understand why Rye found things difficult, he was very happy to communicate with me about what he felt he could and could not do and we stopped having meltdowns in training."
Alex and Ladybug
"Foundation Formula changed our lives. At first, Ladybug didn't respond to us - she didn't smile, didn't play, didn't engage at all inside the house. Outside, yiikes! She was unruly and didn't even know we existed. Now, we have a true partnership, a real connection and so much joy in our lives! "
Cindy and Lyric
"Lyric turned out to be very reactive to people and dogs.  Easily over stimulated and very sensitive to her environment, life was quickly becoming a nightmare.  All my hopes and dreams were going right down the drain. Foundation Formula has been a lifesaver. 

I learned to listen to Lyric, take baby steps. I really had to work on clarity, making things very clear to Lyric, what was acceptable behavior and what was not, not by harsh corrections but by being firm, modeling calm confidence,  and showing her what to do instead.

Our partnership allowed us to participate in some agility trials.  Something I never thought we would be able to do.  Not only did we compete but we had five runs and came home with five first place ribbons at our very first trial together!"
Dee and Phalen

"What do I say about a program that changed despair to joy?  How do I put into words a gift so profound that everyday, without fail, I thank my lucky stars?

Phalen and I were drowning in a sea of disfunction, miscommunication and despair. My dream dog had turned into a nightmare, my life was in turmoil and my dogs and family were miserable.

Starting from the beginning, we built a solid foundation so that we can stand tall with no fear of our foundation crumbling beneath us. It's liberating, joyful and totally works! Who knew?

Today Phalen and I are fabulous! What I'm most thankful for however, is who we are as a team.  Confident, fun and madly and completely in love with life and each other!  It's a pretty great place to be!!"

Mary Jane and WingNut
"I needed a better way to understand and work with my challenging, impulsive, easily overstimulated, and easily overwhelmed girl.

Foundation Formula has provided the path we needed.  We still have challenges, but we are on our way to a partnership that includes really paying attention, listening to each other, and communicating. It is an amazing journey!

Our first AHA! came after Kathy talked about one of her dogs not being able to load into her van and realizing she needed space to be comfortable. Wing Nut had the maddening habit of standing on our patio about 10 feet from the door and refusing to come any closer no matter what I said or did. 

Once I thought about it from her perspective I realized that all of the other dogs and I were crowding the doorway staring at her, and, AHA! she needed space! So, using the dance, I moved the other dogs back from the door, opened it a little wider, stepped back and invited her in, and….she came trotting right on in!

Everyday living is easier, training is easier, walks are more enjoyable, new experiences and places are calmer and more fun-everything becomes better when you really make a connection with your dog.  

Even more incredible is how the Foundation Formula philosophy of looking for success, celebrations, and those awesome baby steps!"

Jane and Skye

"I had intended to choose a calmer border collie, about four years old. And here I was with a seven month old, who had been tied to a stake all day and knew only how to chase cars and cats and squirrels, and tear things apart. 

We enrolled in obedience classes, but when 102 rolled around the instructor decided to use toys in place of treats. And Skye lost it! She was over threshold most of the class.

Finally I was asked to leave. I tried twelve sessions at another facility for reactive dogs. But we were no better off after the twelfth session than before the first!

Then I came across Kathy Kawalec’s Foundation Formula. And I loved her approach – that of a loving partnership with my girl.

Instead of focusing on obedience and training, we breathed a sigh of relief and began focusing on appreciating each other and observing and listening to each other.

Now I can take her with me and instead of lunging and barking wildly at everything, she just lies peacefully.

We have even been accepted into a beginners’ agility class where she watches the other dogs with interest, and then proudly takes her turn.

Life since finding this treasure is a daily delight with my girl!"

Marilyn and Paddy

“My Aha moment?  When I realized that it is all about respect!  
Respect for all that Paddy is; his total being!  With that came unconditional love, just as he shows to me!  This has made it so much easier!  

It enabled me to discern between what I cared about and what I really didn't!  Do I really care that he barks at UPS, or the 20 foot statues of animals we pass on the road - nope!!!  And that annoying barking at the birds when they get rowdy in the fir tree?  Nope, he's simply trying to restore order!

This is who he is and I love every single thing about him.  He is very structured and if I deviate from the daily routine, he lets me know with a nose bump!  Thank you, Paddy for reminding me!

The name game has been so beneficial to us in staying connected!  And now we can load up in the car off leash and I don't worry that he's going to want to go visit the neighbors!  He's my partner and we have things to do in town!

Are there things I want to continue to work on?  Absolutely!  But all in due time!  I love this group!! It is a safe haven where people can come together with no judgments or criticism.  “

Carol and Tati

"When I first started Tati in agility lessons, she would lunge and bark at the other dogs running around. I had no experience with anything like that in the past.  All my attempts to keep it calm so that she could focus failed. 

I was mortified, humiliated and shamed. You see, I was Tati’s breeder and also a successful trainer and handler with our previous dogs.

I didn’t know where to turn. I sought a behaviorist, local private and family dog lessons, books, DVD’s, seminars. It all only caused my anxiety to soar and didn’t improve anything.  

Out of humiliation, failure and shame I started keeping her hidden.

Back home and Tati heavy on my heart, with what to do, I was sitting at my computer and an email popped up. It was from the behaviorist I had worked with and was a forwarded message about “Foundation Formula” offered by Kathy Kawalec. I noticed the other addressees were owners of reactive dogs, so I looked into it and signed up.
From the very first class, I had hope and Tati’s and my relationship grew.  I learned the truth about dogs, about herding dogs, their capabilities and their needs.

We have gone places I never dreamed possible.  Tati and I have completed two agility trials, with minimal distraction on our part and more focus and connection than I ever dreamed possible. We learn and we win.

Our story continues forward and we continued to grow in our relationship, our confidence in each other and our lives are opening up more and more."

Debbie and Brinks

“I love to walk my dogs and whenever possible, I take them out on long tracking leashes to run and play in a field by my house.  They can run and sniff and roll and just be dogs.   

One of my dogs, Brinks (or Brilliant Brinks as he is known by our FF friends) had a long history of being concerned about dogs he didn’t know.  He became a lunging, barking and snarling mess, trying his best to put on a show and keep the other dogs away.  

Other people didn’t understand and thought he was dangerous.  If a dog did get into his space, he would snap at it.  It was so embarrassing to be around my dog-friends and have my dog acting this way.

As much as possible I just managed the situation, making sure we kept our distance so that Brinks didn’t feel like he had to react.  Of course, I would reinforce his behavior when he wasn’t outwardly reacting, but his behavior didn’t get any better.  I just got better at managing it.  And, I resigned myself to the idea that it would always need to be this way.

We started the FF program and I began to make progress in Brinks’ trust for me and my ability to be trustworthy for him.  I focused on my communication with him and modeling for him the behavior I wanted, instead of reacting to his behavior.  
Bit by bit, I could see changes occurring as Brinks’ first reaction became to look to me for clues as to how he was to respond.

Now, Brinks and I once again enjoy our walks together in the neighborhood.  He notices the other dogs, but there hasn’t been a lunging, barking reaction for quite some time now.  It takes so much stress off of both of us that Brinks trusts me to handle any situation that makes him uncomfortable."

Dee and Shiloh

"When Shiloh started to chase my cats, horses and other animals and I couldn't stop him ... it was so frustrating.

It was dangerous for him and for the other animals. Now, after the Foundation Formula, we are connected and Shiloh can go to the barn with me ... and we are partners, it is a real pleasure taking him to the barn with us!

Last spring, Shiloh started reacting to the neighbor's car going down the driveway ... and one day he ended up on the road, 55 mph speed limit ... was the worst day of my life.

Our FF community helped me to plan a strategy to keep him safe, and teach him to stay close and not chase the cars. Whew.

If it wasn't for Kathy and the Foundation Formula, I don't know where we would be. We have a beautiful life now...and my heart beams with all we have learned!"

Join us for the ONLY Holistic, Positive, Heart-Connected Partnership Training Program You'll Find Anywhere:
Questions? Email Kathy at
or Call 866-996-1954
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to sign a contract, or commit to a certain amount of time?
No, you may cancel your membership subscription at any time. Simply email Kathy at least 24 hours before your monthly or annual renewal date ... that's it!! Easy peasy.
What if I enjoy training my dog ... will I have to stop my positive reinforcement training?
Absolutely not! In fact, you'll find that your level of success will dramatically increase when you add in this partnership based foundation! Remember ... our partnership lifestyle meets the core needs of our dogs ... and the training is the additional stuff.
I'm really busy...I'm not sure I have time for this.
One of my philosophies in life is to make choices on how to spend my valuable resources like time and money, and choose where my dreams can be nurtured, and I can live the life I envision. I hope you do the same.

Yes, You will need to devote time to watch the video lessons, and catch the coaching calls live or on replay...

Remember: a partnership lifestyle is just that - no need for special training sessions, setups and all that. I want to spend my precious time enjoying my life ... not struggling with unnecessary training ... and I want that for your too.  And you have 24/7 access to the entire program for as long as you're a member, so you set the schedule that works for you! 
What if I can't attend the coaching calls Live, because of my schedule?
Replays!! Many of our BeePees catch the replays - it's so convenient ... and you get to choose what time is best for you.
What if I am not on Facebook? Will I be able to use the program?
Yes. All of our courses, replays, masterclasses, workbooks etc are organized for easy access inside of our members HUB...a special website just for my members to enjoy!
Frequently Asked Questions
Does it matter what breed of herding dog I have?
Not at all. All herding dogs need the same foundation, for daily living, for any sport of hobby you do, and for learning sheep herding.
I don't have my own sheep, how does this work?
Most of my students/clients do not have their own sheep.

A few are within driving distance of me (in the SW Chicagoland area) and come down to my farm for lessons. Most of my HP students have (or find) a good, experienced local herding trainer and/or find a friend or friendly farmer/rancher with sheep near their home to rent sheep time. Some 'board' their sheep at a local farm that includes a field/pen to train their dogs. And some create a 'co-op' with their friends and rent a place to keep sheep and train their dogs.

 I had no livestock of my own when I first started, and it worked out just fine!
My friends (or trainer) say that traditional herding methods work better, and that I should stick with that.
Well...misery loves company, as they say! We used to believe that dogs needed to be strung up by their collar, or flipped over into submission... some people still practice that stuff, right? For me, and our community, we have taken a stand against those training methods and believe that it IS possible to train a herding dog with holistic, positive partnership.
 And, I have a cabinet full of trophies from high level competitions as proof of concept. (and my students too)

The Foundation Formula is key! Without that, there is no foundation, communication, understanding and partnership...and that would make it really hard!
I love my herding trainer! I hate my herding trainer! I don't have a herding trainer!
Will the Herding Partners program still work for me?
Yes, Yes and Yes!  If you already have a trainer/coach that you love...perfect! That means that she/he is awesome and open minded, and always eager to learn how to better help you...and will be so pleased that you want to be better too! Consider the HP program an awesome complement.

If your trainer is more of the outdated, punitive type and is closed minded...then it's time for a change! Let's get you on a better path right away.

If you don't yet have a local herding trainer/coach...that's perfect too! Once you have some education, and a good partnership with your dog...finding the right local trainer will be so much easier! 

The main thing you need is: to be prepared, to be educated, and to have an established partnership with your dog ... in the context of herding.

When you are equipped with that, all you need is to find a GOOD, and experienced trainer who will work with you in the way you want. That's what the Herding Partners program will give you...and just why I created it!!

And: in any case...I'll be here to support you, coach you and give my expert feedback...working with you and your local trainer. It's a win for everyone...especially for your dog!

Plus: once you are a graduate of the Herding Partners program, you are qualified to come to me for private lessons, and to apply for my Brilliant Partners VIP Coaching Program.  :)
What if I don't want to start my dog with driving, the way you teach?
Or, what if I'm already past the beginner stage?
What I found after years of working with beginner herding students, it that it's just too difficult to have a safe, effective learning experience for both the dogs and newbie handlers starting with gathering. When neither the dog or the handler know what to do or how to do it, the 'training' quickly degrades into chaos and an experience that creates seriously bad habits in the dog while at the same time erodes trust and confidence in the dog and handler. Just not good.

Driving, on the other hand, allows the training setup to be controlled easily. That allows for step-by-step learning and progression. Everyone can think and learn!

It's the same way we learn, and the way we teach our dogs everything else, right? Just because a dog naturally runs, jumps and climbs doesn't mean we would teach beginners starting with running an agility course. No, we first teach them the skills of negotiating the obstacles properly, in good form, that prepares them for future advanced work. We teach them how to communicate, to have a language for making different types of turns and maneuvers. We set them up for success every step of the way. (Before herding I was a successful agility competitor and instructor) 

So, it's the same way for herding. Or it should be.

With that said... the herding lessons are designed to start with driving and progressing into teaching proper flanks, stops, steady, lifting ... all leading to transitioning into gathering ... and all of those detailed foundation skills lessons are crucial, even if you are experienced enough to skip the driving and start your dogs with gathering. It's the foundation that prepares you and your dog for advanced work.

Plus: the Partnership track is key. The 5C's are what makes positive partnership possible. When a person and their dog are able to communicate fluently, we are able to avoid the yelling, chasing, pushing, correcting because of that communication.
I'm really busy...I'm not sure I have time for this.
One of my philosophies in life is to make choices on how to spend my valuable resources like time and money, and choose where my dreams can be nurtured, and I can live the life I envision. I hope you do the same.
 And: You will need to devote time to watch the video lessons, and catch the coaching calls live or on replay...but the actual time spent for practice each week is up to you. Slow and steady wins the race, right?
 And you have lifetime, 24/7 access to the entire program, so you set the schedule!
What if I can't attend the coaching calls because of my schedule?
All the coaching calls will be recorded so you won't miss a thing! The recordings are downloadable so you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere. If you have questions, send them to me in advance and I will answer them!
Do online coaching programs work?
Absolutely! Online video learning, combined with live, interactive teaching is Proven to dramatically increase learning and enjoyment of learning. We know that the ability to pause, rewind, watch again, and pace the lesson to suit each learner is vital. It also allows for more time with the teacher or coach. You watch, study, learn...then connect with your coach for guidance and deeper insights into the lessons. The Herding Partners Foundation Formula program is set up for your learning success!
What will I need for this program?
You'll need access to the internet with a connection that allows you to watch videos. The videos are mobile friendly, so you can watch on any device. You might like to print out the pdf's, so a printer would be nice. For the coaching calls, you'll need a phone with unlimited long distance ... or computer/or tablet with internet connection, and you may want a headset/earbuds for best interaction.

You may simply want to use the foundation skills in this program to retrain your dog's misdirected herding drive, so no sheep or livestock are even necessary.

A ball or wild ducks or geese can be a fun substitute for the herding skills and drills. Your foundation lessons include teaching you lots of skills that you can practice at home, using just a ball or similar.

Many of my students over the years had no interest in being a farmer or a herding competitor...they were simply delighted to work on their brilliant partnership foundation!

If you do want to learn sheep herding, you'll need access to calm working sheep* and a small pen to practice. Yours, a nearby facility, or if you're in range, Kathy's farm in Manhattan, IL.
 (only Herding Partners members have access to private lessons with Kathy)

*Ducks or even chickens can work too!
I'm an experienced dog trainer, will I learn anything new in this program?
A big YES! This is NOT stuff you learn anywhere. I have many dog trainers in my programs, and they are astounded and delighted at their profound learning and that they can be an even bigger hero to their students. CEU's available.
What is the schedule for the program?
You can get started as soon as you enroll! The lesson modules are released every week.The full schedule will be sent to you when you enroll. You have lifetime, 365/24 access to the program.

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Questions? Email Kathy at
or Call 866-996-1954

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