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Your Guide to a Brilliant Partnership...
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The PQ Assessment questions are key indicators of partnership between you and your dog … and your PQ Level is your roadmap to brilliant partnership!

Take the assessment, then I'll guide you to the next steps you can take to get the quickest results using my Foundation Formula framework.

It's simple and it works!

Start by filling out the form, and the quiz is on the next page, it will take 5 minutes or less.

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Meet Your Partnership Guide

Kathy Kawalec

Founder: Dancing Hearts Dog Academy, CognitiveDogTraining.com

Creator: The Foundation Formula, Brilliant Partners Academy, Herding Partners Academy.

"35+ years of living and working with dogs and their people has taught me sooooo much! Dogs are brilliant and often misunderstood ... and what they most need is a better partnership with us!

My holistic, heart-connected partnership training programs have helped transform the lives of  hundreds of people and their dogs ... AND I am so eager to share this with you!"
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